Recent Graduate Alumni

Jacqueline Abrams (2012)
Freelance Writer, Research, and Content Developer for Reality Test & Founder of Educational Service Yessay
Dissertation Title: The Language of Loss: Writing at the Intersection of Literature and Philosophy

Naomi Beeman (2012)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Park University
Dissertation Title: The Break Through Experience: Literary Origins in Franz Kafka and W.G. Sebald

Patrick Blanchfield (2015)
Associate Faculty Member, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Dissertation Title: Universalities in Crisis: Parenthood and Paternity at the End of the Line

Scott Branson (2011)
Lecturer in the Master of Liberal Arts & Sciences Program, University of North Carolina
Dissertation Title: Fictions of Life and Death in Wilde, Gide, Strachey, and Woolf

John Caligiuiri (2008)
Dissertation Title: Language and Being in Heidegger and Hölderlin

Ian Campbell (2003)
Assistant Professor of Arabic, Middle East Institute, Georgia State University
Dissertation Title: The Raveling of the Labyrinth:Spatiality and Subjectivity in 20th century Meghrebian Autobiographical Narratives

Brooke Campbell-Beloso (2008)
Associate Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Butler University
Dissertation Title: "Woman" for Sale: Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Question of Sex Work

Svetlana Babushkina-Corwin (2008)
Associate Professor of English, Belmont Abbey College
Dissertation Title: Eximate Existence: The Uncanny Poetics of Rainer Maria Rilke and Boris Pasternak

Lucas Donahue (2013)
Lecturer, Department of Literatures and Cultural Studies, The University of Texas Rio Grande
Dissertation Title: The Senselessness of an Ending in Wordsworth, P.B. Shelley, and Keats

Colleen Dunne (2011)
Adjunct Professor, Kennesaw State and Clayton State University
Dissertation Title: Poetic Visions: Figures of Sight and Feminine Subjectivity in the Works of Sylvia Plath, Anne Carson, and Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Nicholas Ealy (2005)
Associate Professor English and Modern Languages Department, University of Hartford
Dissertation Title: Speculations of Desire: Narcissism and Love Imagery in the Literature and Iconography of Medieval France and Iberia

Yelizaveta Goldfarb (2016)
Faculty of Media Studies, University of North Georgia's Communication, Media, & Journalism Dept
Dissertation Title: Taking Place: Rhetoric of Abstract Space and Construction of Literary Architectures

Asher Haig (2014)
CEO StrongAI
Dissertation Title: Turning Diagrams: Systems of Calculus Based on Ordinal Logics

Michael Hessel-Mial (2016)
Critical Reading & Writing Instructor, Enreach Education, Shenzhen
Dissertation Title: Complex Occasions: The Cybernetic Attunement of American Poetry

Christian Holland (2004)
Dissertation Title: Time for Paul: Lyotard, Agamben, Badiou

Jacob Hovind (2011)
Assistant Professor of English, Towson University
Dissertation Title: Dead Center: The Invention of Character in the Language of Modernism

Robert Hughes (2003)
Associate Professor of English, Ohio State University
Dissertation Title: Writing Out of Death: Literature, Ethics, and the Beyond of Language

Angela Hunter (2004)
Associate Professor of Liberal Studies, Department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies, University of Arkansas (Little Rock)
Dissertation Title: Subjects of Love and the Vicissitudes of Reading: Rousseau, Stendhal, Baudelaire, Derrida, Barthes

Stephanie Johnson (2017)
Upper School English Teacher, Savannah Country Day School
Dissertation Title: Legacies of Loss: Traumatic Aftermaths in Twentieth-Century Literature

Christine Kalleeny (2010)
Director of the Arabic Language Program, Franklin and Marshall College
Dissertation Title: Figuring the Iconoclast: The Eros of Wine in Two Poems By Abū Nuwās and the Symposium of Plato

David Kelman (2007)
Associate Professor of English & Comparative Literature, California State University (Fullerton)
Dissertation Title: Counterfeit Politics: The Conspiracy Narrative in Twentieth Century U.S. and Argentine Literature

Maya Kesrouany (2011)
Assistant Professor of English, American Univeristy of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
Dissertation Title: Stranded in Arabic: Tales of the Novel in Translation

Raina Kostova (2006)
Associate Professor of English, Jacksonville State University
Dissertation Title: Poetic Text and Socio-Political Reality in the Work of Wallace Stevens and Osip Mandelstam

Ania Kowalik (2015)
Assistant Director at Center for Teaching Excellence, Rice University
Dissertation Title: Errant Grounds: Eco-epic Textures in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Christina León (2014)
Assistant Professor of English, Princeton University
Dissertation Title: Reading for Opacity in Queer Latinidad

Dan Leshem (2009)
Director (Film), The Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center & Archives, Queensborough Community College, CUNY
Dissertation Title: The Language of Suffering: Writing and Reading the Holocaust

Mirja Lobnik (2010)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Emory University
Dissertation Title: Nomad Memory: Inscribing Orality in Literature of the Americas and South Asia

Ruxandra Mandoiu (2009)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Modern Languages & Culture, University of Hartford
Dissertation Title: Literary Representations of Family and Nation In the Writings of Joseph Roth, Günter Grass, Milan Kundera, and Ingeborg Bachmann

Maya Maxym (2003)
Pediatrician for Passaic Pediatrics
Dissertation Title: Modes of Accompaniment: Paul Celan's Language of Loss

Deborah Mayrhofer (2011)
Dissertation Title: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: Deviants in Post-Revolutionary French and American Novels

Brian McGrath (2006)
Associate Professor of English, Clemson University
Dissertation Title: Future Reading: Romanticism, Aesthetics, Politics

Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús (2015)
Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, University of Southern California
Dissertation Title: Reading Now: Historical Danger in Spanish Caribbean Literary Modernism

Ben Miller (2009)
Senior Lecturer of English, Emory University
Dissertation Title: Testimonial Media

Derrilyn Morrison (2004)
Associate Professor of English, Middle Georgia State College
Dissertation Title: Shifting Poetics: Creolization, Migration, Relation

Catherene Ngoh (2018)
Post-doc, UC Santa Barbara
Dissertation Title: Affects of War: Sovereignty and Violence in Wordsworth, Coleridge, Hazlitt, And De Quincey

Jennifer Orth-Veillon (2011)
English Lecturer at Ecole catholique des arts et métiers (ECAM) and at Ecole supérieur de traduction et de relations internationales (ESTRI), Lyon, France
Dissertation Title: "Writing Betwen Fascism and Stalinism: Ignazio Silone, Albert Camus, and Manes Sperber"

Christina Parker-Flynn (2010)
Assistant Professor of English, Florida State University
Dissertation Title: Artificial Generation: The Hybridization of Female and Form in Gautier, Villiers, Wilde, Hitchcock

Matthew Roberts II (2013)
Librarian for English, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, French, German, and Italian at the University of California (Irvine)
Dissertation Title: The Tears of Dionysus: the Birth of Catastrophic Theater in British Drama

Adam Rosenthal (2014)
Instructional Assistant Professor of French in the Department of International Studies, Texas A&M University
Dissertation Title: The Gift of Poetry in Romantic and Post-Romantic Literature

Ariel Ross (2010)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma State University
Dissertation Title: Afterlives of Epic: Baudelaire and Tsvetaeva

Andrew Ryder (2010)
Dissertation Title: Georges Bataille and a Materialist Ethics of Experience

Taylor Schey (2015)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Macalester College
Dissertation Title: After Skepticism: Hume and the Political Aesthetics of Romanticism

Petra Schweitzer (2003)
Associate Professor of German/French, Department of Foreign Languages, Shenandoah University
Dissertation Title: Art Under Duress: Trauma, Language and Witness in Charlotte Delbo and Paul Celan

Jessica Sellountos (2012)
Dissertation Title: "Revolutionary Claims: Transatlantic Agency in the Fictions of Godwin, Brown, and Irving"

Melissa Sexton (2008)
Dissertation Title: Playing, Beyond the Fields of Trauma: An Interdisciplinary and Multi-Media Approach to Reading Thanatos and Eros in Psychoanalysis, Literature, Science and Technology

Brian Smith (2015)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Clemson University
Dissertation Title: All Access: YouTube, the History of the Music Video, and Its Contemporary Renaissance

Martyn Smith (2006)
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Lawrence University
Dissertation Title: How to Build Places with Words: The Narrative Construction of Sacred Abydos, Delos, and Mecca

John Steen IV (2012)
Dissertation Title: Rhymes Unbearable: Crises of Feeling in 20th-Century U.S. Lyric

Sarah Stein (2012)
Assistant Professor of English, Arkansas Tech
Dissertation Title: A Hebraic Modernity: Poetry, Prayer and Translation in the Long Eighteenth Century

Mark Stoholski (2016)
2017 Erikson Scholar-in-Residence, Austen Riggs Center (Stockbridge, Massachusetts)
Dissertation Title: Affecting the Logos

Tze-Yin Teo (2015)
Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (Translation Studies), University of Oregon
Dissertation Title: The Rest of the World: Inoperative Modernism and the Conditions of Translatability

Rodrigo Therezo (2017)
Dissertation Title: Geschlecht : Sex and Species, Being and Difference

Cameron Thurber (2018)
Dissertation Title: The Technological Production of Subjectivity: Images of the Body Under Late Capitalism

Eszter Timar (2009)
Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, Central European University
Dissertation Title: Queer Citizens: the Structural Similarity between the post-Revolutionary Citizen and the Figure of the Homosexual

Sean Tommasi (2013)
Adjunct Professor, Department of English, Wagner College, Rutgers University
Dissertation Title: Life Without Measure: Literary Reflections on Freedom and Commerce in Émile Zola, Henry James, Thomas Mann, and Charles Dickens

Apostolos Vasilakis (2004)
Instructional Assistant Professor of English, Texas A&M University
Dissertation Title: Mnemotechnologies: Memory, and Experience in Late 20th Century Philosophy and Literature

Robert Vork (2013)
Assistant Professor of English, Arkansas Tech
Dissertation Title: Opening Acts: The Performance of Trauma in the Work of Shakespeare, Artaud, Brecht, and Cervantes

Alex Weil (2014)
Dissertation Title: Passages and the Screens: Media Technologies in Texts by Henry James, Clara Smith, Theodora Bosanquet, Mina Loy, and Kenneth Fearing

Kathryn Wichelns (2007)
Assistant Professor of English and Women's Studies, University of New Mexico
Dissertation Title: Enacting Sexual Difference: Re-visions of Henry James in the Writing of Marguerite Duras and Emily Dickinson

Leah Wolfson (2008)
Senior Program Officer and Applied Research Scholar, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Dissertation Title: A Path Through the Abyss: Re-inventing Testimony Through Post-Holocaust Survivor Poetry, Memoir, and Video Oral Histories

Seth Wood (2011)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma State University
Dissertation Title: The A. B. C¿ of Autography: Edgar Allan Poe and Archive Trouble of Antebellum American Literature

Eugene Brent Young (2010)
Assistant Professor of Practice in English and Philosophy, Le Moyne College
Dissertation Title: Literary Paradox: Figures of Displacement and Disguise in Carroll, Kafka, Nietzsche, Blanchot, and Deleuze

Daniel Yu (2018)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Dissertation Title: The Fiction of Generosity: Disinterest and the Eighteenth Century

Lili Zhang (2005)
Assistant Professor of Religion, Texas Wesleyan University
Dissertation Title: The Cultivation of the Self: Critique of Technical Practice within and without Chinese Chan Buddhism