Recent Graduate Alumni

Jacqueline Abrams (2012)
Freelance Writer
Dissertation Title: The Language of Loss: Writing at the Intersection of Literature and Philosophy

Matías Bascuñán (2020)
Dissertation Title: Sovereignty Undone: Reading Ruptures of Self-Reference in Foucault, Hobbes, and Derrida

Naomi Beeman (2012)
Administrative and Development Assistant, 5th Avenue Theatre
Dissertation Title: The Break Through Experience: Literary Origins in Franz Kafka and W.G. Sebald

Patrick Blanchfield (2015)
Associate Faculty Member, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Dissertation Title: Universalities in Crisis: Parenthood and Paternity at the End of the Line

Scott Branson (2011)
Dissertation Title: Fictions of Life and Death in Wilde, Gide, Strachey, and Woolf

Benjamin Clary (2019)
Senior Research Analyst, American Public Media - Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow (Post Doc)
Dissertation Title: Postal Poetics in Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry

Lucas Donahue (2013)
Middle School Teacher, Oregon Family School
Dissertation Title: The Senselessness of an Ending in Wordsworth, P.B. Shelley, and Keats

Colleen Dunne (2011)
Adjunct Professor, Clayton State University
Dissertation Title: Poetic Visions: Figures of Sight and Feminine Subjectivity in the Works of Sylvia Plath, Anne Carson, and Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Ryan Fics (2019)
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Humanities, Wesleyan University
Dissertation Title: The Position of the Unthought and the Invention of Nineteenth Century Democratic Literature

Yelizaveta Goldfarb Moss (2016)
Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia's Communication, Media, & Journalism Dept
Dissertation Title: Taking Place: Rhetoric of Abstract Space and Construction of Literary Architectures

Asher Haig (2014)
CEO StrongAI
Dissertation Title: Turning Diagrams: Systems of Calculus Based on Ordinal Logics

Michael Hessel-Mial (2016)
Adjunct Professor of English, Rockhurst University and the Kansas City Art Institute, editor and writer at Rosen Publishing
Dissertation Title: Complex Occasions: The Cybernetic Attunement of American Poetry

Jacob Hovind (2011)
Associate Professor of English, Towson University
Dissertation Title: Dead Center: The Invention of Character in the Language of Modernism

Stephanie Johnson (2017)
Upper School English Teacher, Savannah Country Day School
Dissertation Title: Legacies of Loss: Traumatic Aftermaths in Twentieth-Century Literature

Christine Kalleeny (2010)
Director of the Arabic Language Program, Franklin and Marshall College
Dissertation Title: Figuring the Iconoclast: The Eros of Wine in Two Poems By Abū Nuwās and the Symposium of Plato

Maya Kesrouany (2011)
Assistant Professor of Literature, NYU Abu Dhabi
Dissertation Title: Stranded in Arabic: Tales of the Novel in Translation

Andrew Kingston (2020)
Dissertation Title: Voices of Nothing: Aesthetics of Corruption in Music and Language

Ania Kowalik (2015)
Assistant Director at Center for Teaching Excellence, Rice University
Dissertation Title: Errant Grounds: Eco-epic Textures in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Christina León (2014)
Assistant Professor of English, Princeton University
Dissertation Title: Reading for Opacity in Queer Latinidad

Judith Levy (2020)
Dissertation Title: Temporal Wounds: Ancient Echoes in Camus and the Caribbean

Mirja Lobnik (2010)
Dissertation Title: Nomad Memory: Inscribing Orality in Literature of the Americas and South Asia

Kevin Lucas (2020)
Instructor, Department of English & Foreign Languages, Augusta University
Dissertation Title: The Hazards of Socialism: Left Tragic Theatre in the Twentieth Century

Armando Mastrogiovanni (2019)
Adjunct, Department of English Baruch College & Lander College for Women - part of the Touro College and University System
Dissertation Title: Outside the Habitable Zone: The Poetry and Politics of Life in Wordsworth’s Salisbury Plain Poems

Deborah Mayrhofer (2011)
Principal Customer Success Manager, Cvent
Dissertation Title: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: Deviants in Post-Revolutionary French and American Novels

Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús (2015)
Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, University of Southern California
Dissertation Title: Reading Now: Historical Danger in Spanish Caribbean Literary Modernism

Catherene Ngoh (2018)
Post-doc, UC Santa Barbara
Dissertation Title: Affects of War: Sovereignty and Violence in Wordsworth, Coleridge, Hazlitt, And De Quincey

Jennifer Orth-Veillon (2011)
Lecturer in Literature, Philosophy, and Creative Writing at University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) and Centre d'études franco-américaines de management (CEFAM), Lyon, France
Dissertation Title: "Writing Between Fascism and Stalinism: Ignazio Silone, Albert Camus, and Manes Sperber"

Christina Parker-Flynn (2010)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Literature, Florida State University
Dissertation Title: Artificial Generation: The Hybridization of Female and Form in Gautier, Villiers, Wilde, Hitchcock

David Ritchie (2019)
Director of Consumer Accounts, McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC
Dissertation Title: The Destabilizing Affects of Writing: Sedgwick, Derrida, and the Critique of Cognitive Literary Studies

Matthew Roberts II (2013)
Assistant Professor and Librarian for English and Drama, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation Title: The Tears of Dionysus: the Birth of Catastrophic Theater in British Drama

Adam Rosenthal (2014)
Assistant Professor of International Studies, Texas A&M University
Dissertation Title: The Gift of Poetry in Romantic and Post-Romantic Literature

Ariel Ross (2010)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma State University
Dissertation Title: Afterlives of Epic: Baudelaire and Tsvetaeva

Andrew Ryder (2010)
Adjunct Faculty, John V. Roach Honors College of Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth
Dissertation Title: Georges Bataille and a Materialist Ethics of Experience

Taylor Schey (2015)
Lecturer in the English Department, University of Michigan
Dissertation Title: After Skepticism: Hume and the Political Aesthetics of Romanticism

Jessica Sellountos (2012)
Dissertation Title: "Revolutionary Claims: Transatlantic Agency in the Fictions of Godwin, Brown, and Irving"

Brian Smith (2015)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Clemson University
Dissertation Title: All Access: YouTube, the History of the Music Video, and Its Contemporary Renaissance

John Steen IV (2012)
Dissertation Title: Rhymes Unbearable: Crises of Feeling in 20th-Century U.S. Lyric

Sarah Stein (2012)
Assistant Professor of English, Arkansas Tech
Dissertation Title: A Hebraic Modernity: Poetry, Prayer and Translation in the Long Eighteenth Century

Mark Stoholski (2016)
Dissertation Title: Affecting the Logos

Tze-Yin Teo (2015)
Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (Translation Studies), University of Oregon
Dissertation Title: The Rest of the World: Inoperative Modernism and the Conditions of Translatability

Rodrigo Therezo (2017)
Dissertation Title: Geschlecht : Sex and Species, Being and Difference

Cameron Thurber (2018)
Research Associate, Apex Leaders
Dissertation Title: The Technological Production of Subjectivity: Images of the Body Under Late Capitalism

Sean Tommasi (2013)
Dissertation Title: Life Without Measure: Literary Reflections on Freedom and Commerce in Émile Zola, Henry James, Thomas Mann, and Charles Dickens

Robert Vork (2013)
Assistant Professor of English, Arkansas Tech
Dissertation Title: Opening Acts: The Performance of Trauma in the Work of Shakespeare, Artaud, Brecht, and Cervantes

Alex Weil (2014)
Adjunct Professor in the Department of English, Irvine Valley College
Dissertation Title: Passages and the Screens: Media Technologies in Texts by Henry James, Clara Smith, Theodora Bosanquet, Mina Loy, and Kenneth Fearing

Seth Wood (2011)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma State University
Dissertation Title: The A. B. C of Autography: Edgar Allan Poe and Archive Trouble of Antebellum American Literature

Eugene Brent Young (2010)
Professor of Practice in English and Philosophy, Le Moyne College
Dissertation Title: Literary Paradox: Figures of Displacement and Disguise in Carroll, Kafka, Nietzsche, Blanchot, and Deleuze

Daniel Yu (2018)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Dissertation Title: The Fiction of Generosity: Disinterest and the Eighteenth Century