Graduate Students

Matias Bascuñan
Major Interests: Political Theory; Deconstruction; Literary Theory; Intersections between language and temporality; Latin american neo-baroque literature; El Albo

Jonathan Basile
Major Interests: Derrida, deconstruction, 20th century literary criticism and theory, ancient philosophy, modern French and German philosophy, aesthetics of prejudice, literary comedy and paronomasia, Borges.

Natalie Catasús
Major Interests: Cuban and Caribbean literature and visual culture, postcolonial studies, migration studies, poetry and poetics, translation, visual studies, maritime studies, exhibition theory and practice, and oral history and ethnography.

Benjamin Clary
Major Interests: Irish literature, particularly that of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Flann O'Brien; European high-modernism (particularly Irish and British); ethical theory and its intersection with literary theory; political theory, particularly radical democracy; 20th century French theory (Bataille, Levinas, Blanchot); linguistic hybridity and novels employing "rotten english"; and Bakhtin.

Ryan Fics
Major Interests: Animality; humanism; biopolitics; political theology; ontology; sovereignty; deconstruction; Greco-Roman mythology and sculpture; the fable, fairy tale, and children's literature; literary theory; psychoanalysis; ethics; the gift; sacrifice; and philosophy of religion.

Rachel Gardner
Major interests include literary theory, continental philosophy, Derrida, Bataille, ethics, and modern French literature.

Amir Hussain
Major Interests: 20th century Bengali poetry; poetry and poetics; postcolonial studies; critical theory of the Frankfurt School.

Tiara Jackson
Major Interests: Blackness and Islam, cultural production, psychoanalytic theory, queer theory, feminism, post-colonial studies, and the Francophone African Diaspora.

Andrew Kingston
Major Interests: Modernism, Aesthetics, Deconstruction, Opera, Radio Drama, Affect Theory, Queer and Feminist theory.

Judith Levy
Major Interests: post-colonial literature and theory, particularly within the Francophone Caribbean and North Africa, post-structuralism, feminist theory, and memory studies.

Kevin Lucas
Major Interests: Twentieth-century European Theatre, Literary Theory (Russian Formalism and Deconstruction), Sociology of Art and Religion, and Politico-Aesthetics.

Armando Mastrogiovanni
Major Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature in English; German, and French (modernism); deconstruction; psychoanalysis (ethics aesthetics and politics); ontersection of literature and philosophy around questions of rights, sovereignty, and citizenship (deconstruction and political theory).

Brendan Moore
Major Interests: West African and Caribbean women's literatures, 19th and 20th century African American literature, postcolonial and transnational feminism, queer theory, affect, colonial and postcolonial reading practices.

Catherene Ngoh
Major Interests: Kant, Kleist, Benjamin; romanticism and revolution; critique, aesthetics and morality.

Eric Flohr Reynolds
Major Interests: Hermeneutics, Critical Theory, German Idealism, Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Romanticism, Pragmatism, The Ethics of Aesthetics and the Aesthetics of Ethics.

David Ritchie
Major Interests: Queer Theory, Affect Theory, Feminist Theory, Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, Object Relations, Attachment Theory, Aesthetics, Critical Theory, German Studies, Political Theory, Derrida, Nietzsche, Benjamin, Wilde, and American Literature.

Melinda Robb
Major Interests: phenomenology's trajectory and critiques (Descartes to Levinas, Merleau Ponty, Lyotard), and its manifestation in literature; hermeneutics; ethical theories; contemporary literature -- post-modern, post-colonial, post-ironic (particularly the latter); affect; experiments with narrative and its fracture; deconstruction.

Violeta Ruiz Espigares
Major Interests: Early Modern Spanish literature and politics. The element of blood and its effects. Psychoanalysis and deconstruction.

Abby Scribner
Major Interests: Literature of cities, spatial studies and human geography, contemporary postcolonial literature, Marxism, transnational feminisms.

Federica Signorini
Major Interests: Critical Theory, Deconstruction, Ecocriticism, Modernism & Modernity, Political Theory, Queer Theory.

Rodrigo Therezo
Major Interests: Geschlecht.

Cameron Thurber
Major Interests: literary encounters between humans and objects, specifically machines, analyzed via French psychoanalytical and post-structuralist philosophy.

Daniel Yu
Major Interests: Gift, reciprocity, commerce and ethics in confessional texts and eighteenth-century novels.