Mikhail Epstein

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Cultural Theory and Russian Literature


312 Modern Languages Building


Research Interests: Russian literature and intellectual history, Postmodern philosophy, semiotics, discourse of love, ideas and electronic media, interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities.

Office: 312 Modern Languages Building

Phone: 404-727-2594

Email: russmne@emory.edu


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The Phoenix of Philosophy: Russian Thought of the Late Soviet Period (1953-1991). New York and London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019, 312 pp.; A Philosophy of the Possible: Modalities in Thought and Culture. Boston, Leiden et al: Brill Academic Publishers, 2019, 365 pp.; The Irony of the Ideal: Paradoxes of Russian Literature. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017, 438 pp.; Russian Postmodernism: New Perspectives on Post-Soviet Culture (with Alexander Genis and Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover), New York, Berghahn, 2016, 580 pp.;  From Knowledge to Creativity: How the Humanities Can Change the World (in Russian), Moscow,  2016; Poetry and Superpoetry: On the Variety of Creative Worlds (in Russian). S.–Petersburg,  2016;   Religion after Atheism: New Possibilities for Theology (in Russian, 2013), The Transformative Humanities: A Manifesto. New York and London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2012, 318 pp.; PreDictionary: Experiments in Verbal Creativity (2011); Russian Spirituality and the Secularization of Culture (2011); The Philosophy of Body (in Russian, 2006);  Mapping Blank Spaces: On the Future of the Humanities (in Russian, 2004);  Cries in the New Wilderness: from the Files of the Moscow Institute of Atheism (2002); Transcultural Experiments: Russian and American Models of Creative Communication (with Ellen Berry). New York:  St. Martin's Press, 1999, 340 pp.;   After the Future: The Paradoxes of Postmodernism and Contemporary Russian Culture (Massachusetts UP, 1995, 392 pp.)